Adding a mudroom bench to your home is a great way to keep all of your outdoor gear organized and out of sight. But mudroom benches aren’t just for function; they can also add style and personality to an otherwise boring room. 

Mudroom benches are great places to store coats, backpacks, and other items as they come through the door. You can create this bench yourself using just a few inexpensive materials and an afternoon of your time.

Mudrooms were originally used to store footwear. However, mudrooms have come a long way from days past. In fact, mudrooms are now considered a necessity in modern homes. Mudrooms take care of that battle of the shoes by creating a place to store shoes, backpacks, jackets, and anything else you need to put away.

What is a mudroom bench?

If you have kids, chances are your mudroom is a crowded, messy area. Mudrooms serve as the entryway to our homes and are a catch-all space for coats, backpacks, soccer cleats, and whatever else kids seem to accumulate. Mudrooms can be notoriously hard to keep clean, so here is a mud room bench that will not only provide a place for keys, backpacks, and coats but will also provide extra storage. 

Creating a mudroom bench is a fun and functional option for organizing a space in your home. A mudroom bench can house shoes, coats, and bags and can also serve as a place to sit and put on your shoes before you head outside. There are plenty of mudroom bench ideas you can draw from, so whether you’re building your own mudroom bench or looking for inspiration, this blog post can help.

A mudroom bench is a great addition to a mudroom, but many people don’t know how to create one. A mudroom is a room where shoes are kept, so a mudroom bench provides a place to hold shoes. A mudroom bench can function in one of three ways: it can house shoes, it can house sports gear, or it can act as a storage unit.

Such kind of a bench is multifunctional in that it can be used as a place to sit, a place to stand on while putting on or taking off shoes, or a bench to place items on. A mudroom bench also adds useful storage to your mudroom, which is helpful if you have a lot of stuff.

Steps on how to build a mudroom bench:

  1. Cut the wood. 
  2. Sand the wood.
  3. Attach the bottom to the sides.
  4. Attach the top to the side.
  5. Attach cubby dividers.
  6. Attach the seat to the bench top.
  7. Finish the mudroom bench to its place.

Benefits of having a mudroom bench in the house?

Having a mudroom bench in the house is a great idea. It keeps coats, shoes, and bags off the living room floor, gives easy access to outdoor gear, and adds extra seating. A few mudroom benches, made of sturdy wood, are even strong enough to double as an extra closet. 

Having a mudroom bench in the house is one of the most important updates you can make to your home. With the addition of a mudroom bench, you are able to organize everything you need to get out the door in one place. Having a mudroom bench is also helpful for shoes since you can keep all of your shoes in one place and off of the floor and out of the rest of the house. 

Is it worth it to have a mudroom bench?

Mudrooms are ending up in more and more homes and for a good reason. A mudroom not only keeps your family, pets, and gear organized but also makes getting in and out of the house easier. Mudrooms keep shoes, bags, and jackets out of the way, so you don’t have to dig through them when you head out the door.

According to the experts at The Home Depot, homeowners should measure their space carefully since mudroom benches come in many different sizes, styles, and options. Homeowners should place their mudroom bench away from exterior doors, chimneys, furnaces, and water heaters. They should also allow enough space for foot traffic and a spot to add hooks and baskets. Homeowners should also make sure the bench fits the space. Then, homeowners can fill their mudroom bench with baskets, shoe organizers, boxes, and baskets.

A mudroom bench is a worthwhile investment for any home. Mudrooms serve as a buffer between the outdoors and your house, but they can also become dump zones. A mudroom bench helps solve that problem by serving as a spot to stash your gear or stash your muddy shoes. Whether you need a mudroom bench for aesthetics, functionality, or both, investing in a bench is worthwhile.